How much screen time is too much for kids

Considering the Covid-19 times, it has become kind of impossible for kids to avoid screen time. Rather it has impacted severely on younger kids. Despite hearing so many warnings about too much screen time for kids, parents are stuck with online schooling as well. Most children spend approximately 5-7 hours a day watching TV and using all digital devices altogether.

Too much screen time can:

· Make it hard for your kids to have a proper sleep.

· Raise anxiety or depression in your kids.

· Raise the risk of your child gaining unhealthy weight.

According to data by the landmark National Institutes of Health (NIH) study proves that children who consume approximately 2 hours of screen time a day scored lesser grades in language and other thinking tests. Those children who consumed 7 hours a day of screen time experienced thinning of the brain cortex. Scary right?

As a caretaker or guardian of your child, you need to observe the screen time that your kids are consuming on a regular day. Try reducing the screen time little by little and encourage them to involve in physical activities. The kid’s eyes are the most sensitive organ which needs proper protection and care at all times or they could lose proper vision at an early stage.

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