Father’s Day Gift Ideas Blog

Father's Day is around the corner and we all look for ways to how we can make the day memorable for our fathers. Being a superhero figures that all fathers are, they never really tell us how they are feeling, whether it’s personal or professional life. All the fathers indulge themselves in providing better for their family and children, so they often forget to take care of themselves.


This time, let us pamper our fathers with some unique gift ideas to make them feel loved and showcase how much we care for them. Here are a few of the best Father's Day gift ideas:

1. Home Eye Check-up

With all the rushing hard work and pressure, our fathers do not take care of themselves. Although it is very important to get regular eye check-ups to avoid any serious eye conditions. As a Father's Day present you can book a home eye check-up in Delhi/NCR appointment where the optometrist will thoroughly do the computerized eye testing at home. You can also enjoy a home try-on service at just Rs.99/- for 3 people. Pamper your father with eyecare at the comfort of your home.


2. Progressive Eyeglasses

Progressive eyeglasses are something that majorly all the middle age people (after the age of ’40s) need in their life. These types of glasses contain both, near and far-sighted vision correction in one lens. Sometimes it becomes extremely hard to carry 2 separate glasses for reading and driving, but progressive eyeglasses are easy to adapt and extremely useful after a certain age.

3. Sunglasses

No matter what the weather is, a sunglass is essential to step out in the beaming sunlight. Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be a bit tricky, but YourSpex provides AI Try-on that suggests the best suitable frame for your face. You can try every pair online to try it virtually how would it actually look on your face. Isn’t it fascinating?

Now it’s your time to showcase all the love and care that you have received from your father your entire life. You can explore all the mentioned above gift ideas on yourspex.com.