Hexagon sunglasses

Hexagon Sunglasses

Hexagon Sunglasses being an ideal sunglass frame for a round and oval face have started enjoying the limelight with the retro styles coming back in style.

hexagon sunglasses by YourSpex

The unique shape of hexagon sunglasses makes them attractive to people who look for a new style and the desire of such people to relive the classic fashion trend has earned hexagonal frames a place as one of the more popular current designs.

Hexagon sunglasses are perfect for an effortlessly stylish look and give the spark to your outfit it needs. They can be your perfect accessory if you style them the right way.

Hexagon Shape Sunglasses as History

history of hexagon sunglasses

The Hexagon sunglasses started getting attention in the 1940s when people moved to choose them over round and oval sunglasses. Fun, unique, quirky, and perfect to elevate your look this year.

What face shapes best suits Hexagon Sunglasses?

There are always some sunglasses that are more suitable for your face shape than others. In most cases, not all face shapes look well with this geometric design of glasses. If your face belongs to the following shapes, then hexagon glasses will be your best friend. Here are the face shapes that need hexagon sunglasses more than others.

Round Faces

round face

Wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbone are enough to characterize the round faces. Round faces are fuller and look beautiful. No doubt, they are more gorgeous than other face shapes. Hexagon shape sunglasses look perfect on faces like this and are just best to make their outfit complete. If you have a round face then, hexagon sunglasses will work perfectly for your face just like any other sunglasses.

Oval Faces

oval face shapes

With no straight side, corners, or vertices, oval faces usually have one curved face. The oval face is often longer than wide, with the forehead standing out as the largest area of your face Oval faces usually look attractive. They are proportions and balanced and this is something that makes them perfect for any hairstyle or makeup and for hexagon sunglasses too. So, if you’re someone who has an oval face shape, Hexagon shape sunglasses can be your best fashion companion.

How to know your face shape?

Before buying hexagon sunglasses, end all confusion about face shapes and know what your exact face shape is with our guide:  “The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face”. 

List of best Hexagon Sunglasses to buy

Before purchasing your hexagon sunglasses, make sure you have a list of the best among them. YourSpex is the best eyewear brand online to help you to make your eyewear shopping the easiest and best.

Brown Hexagon Sunglasses

Brown Hexagon Sunglasses for Men & Women

Including eyewear in your fashion can be your best new year's resolution ever. YourSpex would love to make your sunglasses buy the best they could ever be. With brown Hexagon shape sunglasses by YourSpex, you can have all fun in sun too.

Purple Hexagon Unisex UV Protected Sunglass 

Purple Hexagon Unisex UV Protected Sunglass for Men & Women

A little purple tint in your trendiest hexagon sunglass makes it premium and by wearing this hexagon sunglass, you’ll be free from any worry because by offering a perfect style, they’ll make sure to offer your eyes the protection they need from harmful UV radiation.

Green Hexagon UV Sunglass

Green Hexagon UV Sunglass for Men and Women

We know how important is to protect your eyes and stay fashionable as well. To make it possible, YourSpex is an eyewear brand, “Green Hexagon UV Sunglass” and Green Hexagon UV Sunglass is another example of it.

Red Hexagon UV Protected Sunglass

Red Hexagon UV Protected Sunglass for Women

With UV protection and anti-scratch coating, Red Hexagon by YourSpex is perfect to set the fashion statement you ever desire. If you’re someone who looks for unique fashion then this will be the best choice for you.

Yellow Hexagon UV Protected Sunglass

Yellow Hexagon Unisex UV Protected Sunglass

Perfect for all adventure seekers. Yellow Hexagon UV Protected Sunglass is perfect for everyone who believes in making smart yet comfortable choices in life. YourSpex offers hexagon shape sunglasses right for you.

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